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District #7

Sustainable Magic of San Francisco

Sustainable Magic of San Francisco was founded by y50 Chumasero resident, Dan Vojir, to help the community of Parkmerced achieve a better quality of life for its community through using sustainable, natural products, knowledge of our unique ecology and working towards a better Parkmerced for the future.
Education, Environment
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District #8

Copper's Dream Rescue

Copper's Dream was founded with the goal to help end the euthanasia of adoptable dogs in the US through increasing public awareness, taking legal action benefiting shelter animals, and by rescuing dogs scheduled for euthanasia and placing them in permanent and loving homes.
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District #9

Wonder Dog Rescue

Rescuing and rehabilitating dogs at grave risk of euthanasia and finding loving homes. We specialize in small dogs and those with special needs
Education, Environment, Youth, Animals
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